About company

Retail Project "Farbiya" appeared in consequence of re-branding of the retail network "Fіnskі Farbi".

Start - May 2007. We have a modern, bright, and most importantly convenient format stores, which makes the choice of coatings and their purchase comfortable. In our studios, color-work specialists, offering solutions to any problems of color surfaces. We are painting in any color according to color catalogs MONICOLOR NOVA, NCS, RAL, SAN MARCO, TEMASPID, 3D, PANTON, EUROTREND, CAPAROL COLOR, SIMFONIA. We hope and we know that even the most demanding customer, can count on personalized, knowledgeable approach to solving his problem.

Modern Paint - is a complex decision, which is inextricably linked with the entire construction project, and plays a significant role in the achievement of its efficiency, is directly proportional effect on the economics of the project during construction and subsequent operation of the facility. That is, the wrong choice of colors, application techniques, supporting materials, etc., can lead not only to poor appearance (the cost of repainting), but also to a decrease in the quality of construction as a whole (fragility, loss of strength and stamina floor , etc.).

Modern coatings for the effective implementation requires a high level of awareness (knowledge) about the colors, and understanding of construction techniques and materials. (Difference of chemical composition, purpose, a wide range of TM, related materials and special tools).

Modern Paint - is a complex, part of the overall process of construction and influencing its effectiveness.

"Farbiya" - the company that undertake the development of this complex in the center of contemporary colors (color-studios) by experts, well versed in modern construction technologies and materials, paints and painting processes and materials developed by implementing the complex.

Color Studio "Farbiya" - are professionals who provide client range of quality paints middle and premium segments, consult qualified specialists for the choice of paint, paint a clear calculation of need, advice on the application and so on.