Social responsibility

In the current situation of business development, social responsibility of business is gaining importance. Increasingly, the consumer makes a choice in favor of socially responsible organizations.

network of color-studios "Farbiya" understands and assumes its social responsibility. We have been successful, day after day, meeting the needs of our customers, partners and employees. Every day we demonstrate a high level of ethical, social, legal and professional conduct. Social responsibility of business - a set of actions that the company has in excess of the requirements of the law society. For our company - is working standards aimed at improving the welfare and disability of its employees and to various members of society who find themselves in difficult situations. His collaboration with charities and help raise funds for people in need and children's homes - we want to set an example and encourage other organizations often act for the benefit of the social sphere, to give more to their consumers and society as a whole.

One of the important investments in the development and stability of our company is to contribute to their own employees, who are the most valuable resources of our company. Any person who has a desire to work and grow professionally can implement in our company. "Farbiya" constantly motivate their employees to productive work, regular training, professional seminars and other events to help our people develop and open a new scope for self-realization.

Everyone be sure - a network of color-studios "Farbiya" sells only the highest quality products, which include eco-friendly paints on prices, recommending manufacturers. Global brands paint industry, which can be purchased in our network, constantly improving their products to our consumers have always been pleased with how their technological properties and comfort when working with them without worrying about their health. In our stores you can always get the professional advice of specialists to select and purchase those goods which are really needed you.