Word of employees

mission burbela

Burbela Zoya

Sales Manager, "Farbiya" Kyiv     

35 years ago, I started my work at the Ministry of Forestry timber industry. During the years of working with woodworking companies I studied all the stages of the processing of wood, as well as the needs of industries in the high quality materials. Today, I work for a company Farbiya. We supply materials for the wood of the best producers in Germany, Italy, the use of which is allowed to raise the level of production, the quality of manufactured products. I helped the coordinated work of various departments, support and faith leaders, loyalty, and focus on the development of the company.
mission zedinova

Zedinova Natalia

Sales Manager, "Farbiya" Kyiv     

I've been working with the company since 2001. Our company is rapidly growing. During 10 years with the company, I received a very useful and rich experience to attract and develop new partners, establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Farbiya is a very special warm atmosphere ... I enjoy working in this company. I enjoy coming to work. I like to be here. Every day, trying to do their job better, I do step by step in his personal growth. All my client base is a client who turned Farbiya in 2001 to the present day are our partners. We give the client all the conditions that are the foundation of our long-term cooperation.
mission bisirenko

Constantine Brisenko

leader, "Farbiya" Lions     

When I was asked to open a branch in Lviv Farbiya, I had my doubts that this project in a competitive environment can be successful. We have assembled a team of professionals have the best working conditions, we have the confidence and support of the company. And today we are a leading company for the sale of coatings in the region. Each year our customer base increased by 30%. And all this thanks to the support of our colleagues. Farbiya success is a clear understanding of strategies, policies, and sales people who realize the goals.
mission majurin

Mazhurin Andrew

Deputy Head of "Farbiya" Dnepropetrovsk     

I have been working in the company almost since its inception, and I know how much effort, energy, the soul was invested company's management and all those who became part of it. All this was justified by the fact that we now have almost all regions of Ukraine, we are leaders in their industry. This work has always been, and causes me great concern. I would say that it is a family-Farbiya minded, professional, a team that can achieve results, are people who are always ready to help, it's FRIENDS with whom you can share your successes.