3M (USA), a world leader in personal respiratory protection, hearing and vision. During the last forty years the company has been developing and manufacturing of safety, are at the peak of modern technology, quality and reliability. 3M products are distinguished by the exceptional user-friendliness, efficiency, economy and exceptional quality, and most importantly - a well-accepted workers.

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Currently, the company has won a strong position in areas such as:
  • personal protective equipment at work and means of road safety, such as respirators, negative and positive pressure, mask and ear pads, reflective film Scotchlite TM;
  • materials for the automotive industry and the shipbuilding industry (abrasive polishing wheels, body coatings, sealants, tapes and films for cars, boats and other vehicles);
  • materials for industrial production (single and double sided adhesive tape Scotch ®, adhesives, abrasives);
  • materials for the petroleum and petrochemical industries, such as liquid polyurethane coating for pipes, anticorrosive coatings, filter elements.