Range of ALPINA - a series of products from Caparol.

Paints, lacquers, enamels, blue for the home medium price segment.

alpina 01

Range of products includes:
  • water-dispersed materials
  • priming materials
  • paints for interior work
  • paints for facade work
  • mineral paints for roof
  • tinting concentrates
  • alkyd materials
  • priming materials
  • white enamel
  • colored enamel
  • azure wood
  • lucky for interior and exterior
  • enamels battery
  • enamels for windows
  • enamel on metal
  • aerosol lacquers and enamels-class
  • accent Brillant blue with white particles
  • silhouette and fine-grained blue paint to create marked structures
  • atelier interior paints and clear blue
  • plasters