Company Jowat - one of the largest German manufacturer of adhesives - was founded in 1919 from its headquarters in the city of Detmold (Germany) and through a network of subsidiaries and distributors Jowat supplies to consumers worldwide adhesives for the woodworking and furniture industry , paper, packaging and textile industries, as well as the automotive industry.

Bonding - is a rational connection technology. Therefore, production of adhesive material is a growing market: it is a chance for companies to offer new, innovative products. This is the strength of the company Jowat. About 10% of employees engaged in technology development and application of adhesives.

Each year, the company Jowat produce more than 50,000 tons of glue, which supplies are carried out in 60 countries:
  • dispersion adhesives
  • traditional hot melts
  • adhesives, solvent-based
  • polyurethane hot melts 1K and 2K (hardened by moisture)
  • -melt adhesives based on APAO (hardened by moisture)
  • 1K and 2K polyurethane adhesives and polyurethane prepolymers
  • sticky adhesives / PSA
  • other glues (urea resin, cyanoacrylate, casein, 2-component epoxy resin, etc.)
  • special Products (products increases adhesion, separation tools, cleaners, solvents, cleaning paste for the hands, etc.)
Company Jowat - a competent partner, with constantly updated, and new and innovative adhesive materials for customers and partners.