Mitsubishi Polyester Film (MPF) - the world leader in the manufacture of oriented PET films by well-known commercial brand Hostaphan. A wide range of products available in the range of thicknesses 0,9-500 microns and includes such types:
  • barrier film;
  • film coating;
  • with various surface layers;
  • light-stabilized;
  • resistant to burning;
  • transparent, white, matte, etc.

Main characteristics of oriented PET films are:
  • high strength and toughness;
  • and dimensional stability properties over a wide temperature range;
  • high adhesion, high-quality printing and plating;
  • resistance to moisture and solvents;
  • excellent barrier properties;
  • stability and high dielectric breakdown voltage.

Main applications Hostaphan:
  • flexible packaging - manufacture of laminates welded lids for containers;
  • heat-sealing packaging for frozen food;
  • technical application: thermal transfer film, the substrate for pressing particleboard, adhesive tapes, plastic cards, laminated glass.

PET characteristics:
  • 1pog weight / m width of 1800mm = 0.63-0.64kg,
  • 1pog weight / m width of 2050mm = 0.72kg,
  • thickness - 250mkm,
  • thermal - 130 degrees.

From experience: life of PET in the single-span through-type presses with 2-shift load - 1-1.5 months, is used as a vehicle to load the details in the press, as well as to protect the upper plate from sticking parts. It is also used on the presses, multi-span type II 713A as a gasket to fit the press plate to protect the media from the plates sticking occurring due to the penetration of the adhesive when wrapping, gluing. For the same purposes of PET used in stationary presses for gluing furniture panels of solid wood.