Sirca SpA was founded in 1973 and now occupies a leading position in the European market for wood coatings. Sirca company offers its products to 18 regional warehouses, export share is about 30 percent.

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Product range Sirca includes all the necessary products for high-quality furniture, doors, windows and other wood products:
  • dyes, solvent based and water-based;
  • polyurethane (PU), primers and varnishes;
  • acrylic primers and paints;
  • polyester primers;
  • nitrocellulose (NC) paints and primers;
  • varnishes and UV drying of soils - soil water-soluble paints.

With the increasing scarcity of natural wood color has become a key element in the decoration of furniture: soft or aggressive, poor or rich, it is subject to fashion. The market demands a more personalized products. Sirca has all the necessary technology to respond quickly to market conditions.

Sirca SpA Industrial uses computerized dispensers, spectrophotometers for color correction and control. This equipment allows you to organize the production of automatic packaging production capacity from 1 to 1200 kg with high speed and accuracy.

Sirca SpA owns one of the most modern production of alkyd resins, unsaturated polyesters, poliizotsionatov. At the same time, Sirca part of a group of companies, one of the companies that produce special kinds of raw materials for resins. This integration ensures that Sirca launches high-quality and competitive products. Continuous monitoring is carried out both for all components used in manufacturing and end-product. Control of Polymerization - One of the main aspects to ensure consistent quality resin is carried out on computer equipment. Advanced equipment and instruments - an important factor in the studies, but the cornerstone - is human creativity.

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Chemists, analysts, monitoring, implementation, color work in the modern laboratory Sirca. Sirca Laboratory equipped with modern equipment for analysis and quality control of raw materials and finished product. Regular contact with external technical staff to help the research department to immediately respond to changing market demands.

Quality certification ISO 9001:2000 - proof of the desire to provide customers with Sirca most reliable and quality products.

Sirca SpA offers color cycles of "high-quality treatment" to ensure the strength of the film coatings, resistance to mechanical, physical and chemical effects, which are usually exposed to wood product in the room.

Laboratories SIRCA was rated the quality of all cycles of color, most in demand in the market, through to the painted samples of special strength tests recommended in the new version of the Italian standard MU 1880 (Method 1880), compiled in 2005 UNICHIM

Lacquered furniture, these cycles are held paint, get more value, both qualitative and commercial, because - as stated in the standard - can be labeled the word "furniture for the kitchen / bathroom / living room and bedroom, complying with MU in 1880, which determines the minimum required quality varnished surfaces of wooden furniture for home use in the room, "made at the label or technical and promotional documents (technical product data sheet).

Paying attention to the quality of products, the factory SIRCA SpA produces only under the brand name Sirca.